Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Rap Promoter

I heard this really good new Q-Tip song the other day, which has caused Tribe Called Quest's "Rap Promoter" to be stuck on endless loop in my head, displacing that Eminem song with "two trailer park girls go around the outside, around the outside, around the outside..." Anyhow, if there ain't no dough, then there ain't no show, so take your roly poly rap promoter to the Chemical Bank and get my cash. There is nothing quite as NY as Chemical Bank. Why in the hell would you name a bank Chemical Bank? Let's call our new doctor's office Applied Copolymer Medical Group.

Wow that one got off track in a hurry.

So there's a reason this rap promoter thing is stuck in my head. Because even though I really set out in life not to be a race promoter, it looks like I am going to be one. The first thing I did when this poo was flying toward my fan was recruit as many competent people as I could find and get my delegating on. Fortunately, I was more successful than I deserved to be in that respect.

The whole thing is actually taking shape rather well. We're a little bit in that circle jerk stage where everyone wants to know what answers everyone else is going to give on everything before they give their answer, but creative application of representation of actual events helps resolve those issues.

Like everything else, starting at life in general and working towards more specificty from there, this all started out as one imagined thing and will wind up being quite another. The original thought was more like MABRA's very own Alpe d'Huez stage, but for a staggering continuum of reasons it's turned into a circuit race gone horribly awry. A race for the hardmen, that is for absolute sure, not just for those who fancy themselves "pure climbers." It's going to take big brass ones to win on this course.

The budget is a nice shade of crimson. That I really can't get around, although there seems to be requisite executive support for nurturing the event toward self sustaining status. If any of you all out there in TV land want to sponsor/support what will undoubtedly be the greatest race on the eastern seaboard in 2009, please do be in touch. We are planning an unprecedented program of promotion and sponsor fulfillment, beyond what you can even imagine.

T-minus three days until vacation (officially begins at 1300 on Friday), which is sorely needed. You'd be surprised but lying in bed unable to move for ten days is not the restful restorative experience that's capable of replacing say a week of complete debauchery on the Outer Banks.


Pete said...

Q-Tip owns. Amplified will by far be the most nostalgic album of my life, bringing me back to my high-school days/daze.

jim e said...

If you do this event I will be there.