Saturday, 18 October 2008

The Park and Ride

Today marked first official "Park and Ride" ride, so named because it doesn't start at a Park and Ride. With another year of Cat 4 granted me due to the oft-mentioned trip to the pavement and subsequent rehab, I've made it my mission to help perpetuate and improve the good things that happened on our JV squad next year. It was a beautiful fall day, if a little cool. Turnout was great for the supposed initiation of an institution. The route's also really cool, but I think there are a few things we could tune a bit. There has to be a better way to get from Turkey Foot to Berryville without using Darnestown.

The club's Espresso Ride is a great thing, but it's too big and lately a whole bunch of non-NCVC people have been going. On the one hand I think that's really cool, especially since the 10am ride (once itself an NCVC team ride) has been vacant lately. On the other, while it maybe augments the benefit to riders, it hinders effective team stuff.

A shot of the rim from my old PowerTap wheel. This is a DT Swiss rim with maybe 10k miles on it. I've heard of this happening with these rims. It sucks that it happened in the first place, obviously, but it's really cool that I was able to ride this wheel without noticing this problem. How long it was like this I have no idea. It wasn't even riding funny, I only noticed it cleaning the bike.

Built my new front wheel today. It's pretty sweet.

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