Friday, 31 October 2008


Every time we go to Hatteras we celebrate a few holidays that you won't find on any calendar, but we enjoy them.

The first is Maha'aloween. This takes place on Monday night and is in "honor" of a friend of ours from Newport. Said friend all of a sudden one day decided that he was Hawai'ian and started saying "maha'alo" all the time. He even put it on his email signature. Annoying as hell and ripe for ridicule. One day while we were at the beach windsurfing, he really annoyed the crap out of me with this and I sort of ran around for a while screaming "maha'alo maha'alo maha'alo F*****G MAHA'ALO!"

On Maha'aloween, you don't so much wear your costume as you do speak it. Whatever affected speech which you think would make you sound really cool if you spoke that way, you speak that way. You could, for example, be like a Red Bull guy and walk around screaming "EXTREME" every few minutes. You could be a Fauxstralian and say "eh, 'ow ya goin', mate?" to everyone. Whatever works.

Maha'aloween is followed by Beer Night. Beer Night is a celebration of American style lagers and light beers, served in cans. Playing of asshole, quarters and other fun games which promote faster celebration of said American style lagers and light beers, served in cans, are played. The first Beer Night took place not in Hatteras following windsurfing but in Newport following golf. My lovely wife decided at one point that throwing a full beer at my head was an excellent representation of Beer Night cheer. I did not agree.

The festivities reach a peak the morning after Beer Night with Man Bag Day. Man Bag Day is the time when we all must sport our sassy baskets (a.k.a. Speedos) and perform feats of windsurfing while wearing same. Generally, the hungoverness and the coldness inherent in Man Bag Day cause complete overlap of Man Bag Day and Severe Raising Smuggling Day. We have photos from last time. We will get more this time.

So remember to celebrate these important but little known holidays during the next week!

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Jim said...


(I refuse to drink soft drinks that are titled with all caps, and which have exclamation points in their name. I am too old for that in spite of having profuse facial hair and a tendency to ride mountain bikes).

Happy ma'ahaloween. That's funny as hell.