Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Flamenco Diesel

"I'm pretty buff." - Beavis, after doing two bench presses.

As a transition from physical therapy to flying solo, I am doing a stint with a personal trainer. We're working on a lot of stuff to address the still rampant weakness in my right leg, as well as a LOT of core strength stuff. The situp with medicine ball soccer throw in routine is a particular pleasure. We are also doing a good fair bit of upper body work. And I am no Lance Lacy, let me tell you that right now. I'm so weak that the trainer basically has to apologize to passersby. But it's kind of cool to look in the mirror when I'm all swollen up after the workout's done.

Although it's kind of strange to admit and even stranger to write, let's face it - we are all vain enough that we really want to be the guy whom Greg has a crush on. If I keep on doing this, maybe I'll get me some temporary tattoos and white gloves and become the apple of Greg's eye.

From the Flamenco Tin Hat Division: I mentioned a couple of days ago that the Congress was oh-fer on uncorrupted members (excuse me - Members). It's come to my attention that I was perhaps a little optimistic in my estimate. Enough said.

What do you and I and Warren Buffett have in common? We all own insurance companies! Hooray for us. I didn't know this was going to be the Leninism decade. Good thing Mrs. Wagon is at Russian class, even as we speak. Our world now is kind of like Leninism, without the upside. What? Leninism had no upside? Okay. As you were.

Unmitigated pure lust. That is what I will still experience when I see all those nasty neato deep section carbon tubulars at the races next year. They look cool and sound even cooler. To some small degree I now understand the female shoe fetish - totally irrational and yet oddly enjoyable. Except that I cherish the longing and not the overcoming of buyer's remorse. Anyhow, my lust will be somewhat sated by the money wheelset I'm building up. Had to go with slightly downgraded spokes since I really didn't feel like ponying up for a 100 box of DT Revolutions or Sapims in each of the three sizes I needed. My days of supplying retailers can't be too cobwebby as I was within a buck on my estimate of what the hubs would cost at our team discount.

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