Monday, 22 September 2008

Ed Sander CX Wake Up Call

Just like last year, I got rooked into running registration for the Ed Sander Memorial CX Race on Sunday at Lilypons. Registration information is here.

Last year, I think I promised no more than a 4 minute wait in registration lines, and with one or two exceptions (out of like 300 registrants - definitely a 6 Sigma operation) we made that happen. A year older and wiser, I will make no such brash promises for this year. That year of age and wisdom does include the experience of last year's event, though, so you have to think that unless I'm stupid, I've improved on the system from last year. But you don't know, I might be really stupid. Better leave a bit of extra time just in case.

One of the things that is a little out of my hands is how many people show up for "day of" registration. This takes forever, so check the weather on Friday, by which point the forecast might be accurate, and make a good "go/no go" decision. Save some coin, save some time.

Went out sailing on my parents' new boat this weekend. It's pretty cool, perfect for their program.

I'll put together some big thing about the bailout and what all I think it means sometime this week. Extraordinarily quick and dirty is that I reduced my growth and global funds exposure (which I should have done a while ago - stupid) and went heavier into a PIMCO income fund. You're sure not going to do very well with growth in this environment, so you might as well get paid. I am standing pat on energy and utilities, two positions which have had less volatility than the world at large and which I still love long term. Meantime, I just got done putting a bunch of stuff together for Mike, have this race to help put together, am helping to found a non-profit, have to try and work out, do my job that's probably going to evaporate in the next six months so also have to work on starting to get a new job, eat, sleep and be a husband. Good thing my wife has lots of Russian homework to do this week because I think I'm going to be a shitty husband this week.

Register for Ed Sander, which is NOT sponsored by ING Direct, but if they'd like to make that happen I'd be happy to help.


Greg said...

I thought part of the fun of CX was to get muddy, dirty and wet... It's not like it'll be cold. People should just show up regardless. This is a man's sport after all...

Chuck Wagon said...

I don't know, man. Last year was nice and we were mobbed with fair weather Belgians. As for me, I don't like rebuilding my bike that much and I'm no good with tubular glue, plus I can't so much really run yet so I'll just stick with the registration table.

Robb said...

you should check out this lady on the House floor crying about the economy more than you do.

it's pretty awesome.

Chuck Wagon said...

Good rant. I don't know about crying, though.

gwadzilla said...

I do not always pre-register


with Call Ups by registration
there is some reward in pre-registering


the money goes to a good cause

everything went smoothly on race day
thanks for your support!