Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Didn't See That One Coming

NY Times
This is clearly a rigidly honest man, right? Let's face it, the corrupt outweigh the non-corrupt by about 100-0 in the Senate and I'm guessing the good guys are batting oh-fer in the House as well.

The Department of the Interior, surprise surprise, is also as corrupt as shit. Apparently the Bush administration's free market philosophy extends to management of strategically vital governmental agencies, because it sounds like it was pretty much a free for all of sex, drugs and football tickets over there too.

Lehman's going to be pushing up daisies pretty soon. Sweet. I guess they aren't too big to fail because people are pretty much lining up to watch them swirl around the drain in ever tightening circles.

What a time I picked to start thinking in print again.

Lifting freaking hurts. It's no wonder I didn't get all huge and muscular during the lifting I did last winter, since I must have been doing it all wrong. Imagine not riding for about 13 years and then going out and doing a century. Then imagine how your taint would feel if you sat on a bike seat the next day. That's pretty much the way most of my body feels right now, and the parts that don't feel that way yet feel like they are headed there.

Even if Kyle is a grammar master and recycles pictures for his hump day pics (and wtf was with that picture of the crew guys who apparently store their oars in their pants anyway), he sometimes brings up a good point. For the last couple of weeks I've tried to spend most of my time riding in the drops, just to get used to being down low. If I work on flexibility quite a bit, it will probably pay off at least with me looking more like I know what I'm doing in race photos.


Kyle Jones said...

I sometimes can not even read my own postings. I go what the hell was I saying in the endless rambling I do. My mind wanders. It is amazing I even got a degree from an accredited college. At least I can speak better than what I write.

I have to say the guys in the 4's fields have some of the worst positions around. I do not know if it is because we are going slower or just have not trained ourselves into a more aero position. A few guys have writen to me and have called me about my last posting being good in content. I am going to slow down on my postings and try not to throw so much fluff out there.

As for your posting yesterday. Very interesting. I thought everything was hunky doory and you made me insecure again, thanks dave. ;)

Chuck Wagon said...

Don't take it like that. I like what you writ e- I must have read the GMSR report at least twice, and recycled pictures are better than what I put up for the cause. Although the crew team I could have done without.
And yeah, you should feel pretty insecure. Average people have taken it in the pants this week.

Kyle Jones said...

Thanks Dave,
Yeah several people have mentioned to me that even though the GMSR report was long that it was one of my better entries. As for that race I think it is awesome to do. It is like real racing compared to what we do here in mabra. Washington County and Millersburg are some what close but because of the length of GMSR, tactics and riders are willing to let breaks and other stuff go for a while. Unlike here in the mabra region guys are reluctant to get breaks going.

That Crew team was sick.

As for being a somewhat new home owner it does worry me that the value of my home could have hit the shitter. I am in it for the next 5-7 years so I should not be that worried. The thing that gets me is some of the house prices did drop, in the summer months no less, along with interest rates being equal to when we made our purchase. Just like the stock market you have to take it day by day.