Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Vacation's Over

Well my vacation is officially over as I headed back into work this morning. Nothing too significant, since I wasn't able to get around to too many places and was completely wiped out by lunchtime. Also, my foot was swollen up like a basketball and was throbbing. Taking the metro home was an interesting challenge but not bad. Too many miles in the crutches, my rib cage is rubbed raw. Since I have physical therapy (and from now on I'm joining the rest of the English speaking world and calling it physiotherapy) tomorrow afternoon, I am going to take a pass on going in tomorrow. The small amount I'm able to accomplish at work is not worth being a waste at physiotherapy (doesn't that sound better?).

Yesterday, I established my new FTP, so like it or not I've got power numbers to talk about. When I last tested myself, I was a little over 4 watts/kg at threshold. Yesterday, I was at .83 watts/kg. Of course, that is using my arms on a hand bike. I wonder what kind of numbers an elite hand biker will post?

I had to spend some time learning about Chron's disease this evening in response to commenter Emma. Broken tbia is pretty high on the list of crappy things. Chron's is higher. Good luck and keep fighting.

Chron's is named after, you guessed it, Dr. Chron. I'm not sure I want to have a disease named after me. A building? Sure. A nice street? I'll take it. Right now "Wagon's Disease" is characterised by symptoms of riding really strong throughout races and almost never getting on the podium. Acute symptoms include people who beat you across the line saying "Jesus, you were really strong, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to stay with you." But then they whoop your ass over the finish line. Sweet. So that's Wagon's Disease. Try to avoid it if you can. I am going to experiment with cures as soon as I can ride. Massive doses of sprinting practice offer high promise.

I got a new 80g iPod it's freaking sweet.

That is all.

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DCVelobella said...

Is that your xray? OMG no wonder they gave you horse tranquilizers!! Too bad they couldn't put a cleat in your cast so you could ride on the trainer, but I suspect that you can't put any pressure on it. Ah well you will come back stronger and I suspect that the only reason anyone comes around you at the finish is they sucked your wheel the whole way :)