Saturday, 31 May 2008

What A Workout

Burrito D'Amour
Don't be fooled, this is going to leave a little scar. 20 something staples were taken out of this bad boy last Thursday. When you see me wearing leg warmers next July, consider what I might be saving you from having to see.

The Pony polished off his upgrade today with a 3rd at Murad. Go The Pony!

Perhaps I took my doctor's advice a little too much to heart and was all over the place yesterday, topped off with a trip to the rooftop deck for a little Kiwi workout. Having been inside for a fortnight has stripped me of all Kiwi muscle tone. I don't think I'd score very high on the Greg-O-Meter right now. In this, Lance's lead on me is secure. The result of all of my moving around yesterday was a hugely swollen ankle and a lot of soreness, so I spent the evening with my leg entombed in ice, vainly trying to reduce said swelling.

The greater result of this half a month of terminal inactivity is a feeling of sloth and slackness that I have rarely, if ever, before known. I probably need only about 1000 calories a day given my current activity level, but that's no kind of a life. Yet I don't want to turn into some freaking pasty white buffalo while I'm doing this penance either. Hmmmm.

So I had the missus set up the TotalGym(r) and was able to get a pretty good workout on it. The Christie Brinkley over the head row thing, done at low incline with mad repetition, can be a pretty good workout. Dragging my lame leg up and down the floor with each rep sure was fun though. Flip around and do a pantload of rowing, again at low incline, and maybe, just maybe, I won't have to check all of my equipment for rider weight limits come the fall. Mrs. Wagon is going to get me some of those surgical tubing dealies tomorrow so I have some more working out alternatives.

For a dedicated life long fetal position sleeper, having to sleep on my back really f's with the program.

Off to watch golf and hopefully take a nap.

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Drew said...

Holy crap--that's gonna leave some scar!