Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Pear Shaped Week

Hillary Clinton is clearly a MABRA Cat 4. No one but a Cat 4 could have seen victory in her result last night, yet she claimed that she has won the tiebreak and now it's full steam ahead on to the White House. Well, maybe Cat 4's don't have a lock on delusion.

As I write this, people are doing things at Tradezone that you'll read about tomorrow. Despite having heard the siren's call earlier today, I'm enforcing a complete rest week this week. After Poolesville's disappointment, I headed out for the 10am ride on Sunday, a decision which I was nearly alone in making. As we passed the ends of the earlier rides on Beach, it was evident why our numbers were so thin - there were tons of people on the early rides. Our merry band of four rolled along but broke up on Glen. I had good legs.

Monday was a corporate golf outing, which was good fun with people who are on different sites and who I don't get to see a lot. Also, I played really well, which was surprising since I haven't played since September. I pretty much never ride on Mondays, so not riding was no biggie. Then yesterday was like a King Kong with halitosis of an all time shitter day at work. You know those days when you have no idea why exactly it is you've chosen to do what you do, with whom you do it? During the day, it became clear (crystallized by one email) that doing Bear Mountain would be an absolute pain in the ass for me. Getting home, I had absolutely zero enthusiasm for riding and decided then and there that next week's scheduled week off was moving up a week.

So no riding this week, no Greenbelt, no Bear Mountain, no nothing until either Sunday or I can't go another minute without riding - whichever comes last. Even though I'm 'wasting' really good fitness right now, my enthusiasm is really low. There are some races at the end of this month and in June in which I'd really like to do well, but more than that I'd just like to relocate my stoke.


Jim said...

Ahhhh... "Rest Week, Rest Week..." the May mating cry of the January Champ. You start to hear it most years around this time.

Chuck Wagon said...

Nah, as soon as the Tour of Washington County was announced I knew my rest was going to be next week. It just moved up a week when Bear Mt. went out the door. My whole winter was planned to make me a May 3rd hero, which I may or may not have been.