Saturday, 24 May 2008

Comeback Ride

Okay, so the wife just said the most dagger thing in the world to me - "it's kind of sad that we won't be going to Lancaster at all this summer." Yeah, we won't. That eats it.

We have a friend whose parents run a spar building business (the neato carbon poles that are all over the America's Cup boats - they build those - they're pretty good with carbon), who are at the Indianapolis 500 as VIP guests of some hydraulics company. Sounds like a freaking blast.

So, no, I haven't done my comeback ride. Hell, a crit around the condo on crutches was about as deep as I could dig today. It hurts like a beyotch when I stand up and my otherwise constantly elevated leg fills with blood. I swear I can feel the blood rushing down there, and definitely feel the resulting lightheadedness. But a lot of the bruising and soft tissue damage is healing up, so a lot of my movements are better supported and more pain free. It makes a huge difference.

But I have been thinking about my first ride back. It's still a frighteningly long way away. I'd love to think it could be the Marshall Ride, although it would have to be taken at pathetically slow pace. By the time I'm sturdy enough to ride outside, I probably will have done a lot of time on the trainer, so I won't be 100% not there, just 98% or so. It's just good to know that I can still take a next ride for granted, that I will be able to ride, I'm grateful for that.

In the meantime, I've got some other comeback firsts to look forward to - first bend of my knee, first pedaling circle, first step, etc.

Now hurry up and post some race reports from Kelly Cup and RFK 'cause my ass is getting bored and I need something to read.

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Greg said...

dude, that x-ray is SICK!