Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Cintura Verde

Fun Greenbelt tonight. DC traffic blows. Getting to Greenbelt from Alexandria ain't the easiest gig in the world. But the Nutella makes it all worthwhile.

There are four types of people at Greenbelt: the people who are there the whole race, the people who are there for none of the race, the people ride hard in the beginning and fade out, and the people who show up for the last two laps. The guy who won the B race tonight was one of the former group. Plus he has a really cool tattoo on his calf. Well done. I almost became one of the faders after a bunch of shenanigans early on and having done a big time trial workout last night, but collected myself. I don't really get the last group, but I need to keep the "training" in my training races.

I think I got sixth, with a solid sprint effort melding with really poor positioning to yield a decidely mediocre finish.

Lots of crap going on at work, but looking forward to kicking Drew W and Rob's asses up and down at Skyline on Sunday.


Kyle Jones said...

unfortunately thats how you win races in the 4's for the most part. I totally understand because I just want to hammer the whole time hoping everyone does the same but it never works that way. The one thing they are stronger at is holding back because I have a hard time doing that. At least you got a good work out in.

Anonymous said...

@ Kyle
Don't give up being agressive. Just be a little smarter about it. Go with somebody else strong and make the field hurt. Usually even if you are caught you have done enough damage to still finish well - plus picked up a bunch of primes. I got over $100 in money/ prizes in 4 different primes at Silver Spring last year then still finished sixth. My breakaway companion won. Not all of us are sprinters after all. There are other ways to win.

RayMan said...

Shout out to Nutella.
The greatest sandwich spread every created.

Robb said...

no love for vegimite?

Fatguy Racer said...
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Fatguy Racer said...

Good for Bingham. He totally gets the dynamic of cat 4 racing. If you guys dont want him to win, wear him out so that he can't take it at the end. If that dont work, box him in at the end. You all know who he is now. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Chuck Wagon said...

Don't misunderstood me - I said he we there the whole way through. The Route 1 guys worked and worked well together pretty much the whole race. But working hard throughout and being there for the end of a Tradezone is similar to the workload you get at a Cat 3-4 crit, so the guys who are sucking wheel for 13 laps to show up for the last two are fooling themselves.

PlainJane said...

Thank goodness - I thought I was the only one who didnt get the purpose of "sitting in" at a training race. That said, I can't hang with the sprints these guys pull out at the end, so who's to say I've got it right ?

Ditto on Nutella ... I believe it to be the nectar of the Gods.

Interesting blog, stumbled on it from GamJams.