Monday, 17 March 2008

Unmitigated Doom

No, not me. I've got a virus of sorts, but that's currently just extending my last rest period before the meat of the season hits. I've got some usual flu symtpoms, like my shoulders and upper back are screwy and achey, but my breathing is clear as a bell. Getting a bit more reading done too, if you get my drift. An easy trip down to a nice light race weight.

Looks like pretty much everyone but me raced this weekend. I went to the Caps game yesterday, does that count?

The next few days are going to be massacre for investment banks. There are a couple of bright spots in the greater market, like some of the big consumer goods companies that are generally good in recessions but are just awash in cash now.

My brother tells me that I should go after whatever houses I want with offers of 30 to 50% less than asking. His thinking is that this will price in the coming savage value drop but beat the coming lending freeze/savage interest rate climb.

In all seriousness, the missus and I have (except that we are going to use a little debt to buy Mini part 2 - it looks like we're sticking with what worked, but stepping up and getting an S this time, which is going to be freaking sweet) pulled in everything we can and battened down the hatches for dark skies ahead. This thing could get ridiculously ugly. The Fed is officially acting desperate.

But astute readers will have known that since July.

I'm going to have a whiskey sour and try to fall asleep and get better now. My cocktail is probably going to set several critical power records. Mom's orders, it's worked since I was 12.

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