Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The Sporting Life

Today's title is really irrelevant to anything contained herein, I've just had the song (Decemberists) stuck in my head for a long time. Do yourself a favor and go to Pandora and start a little radio for yourself. That site is pretty much the balls. I typed in 'Shakedown Street' a while ago and listened for maybe three hours without hearing a single song that was anything but good and made sense, many to most of which could in no ready way be related to 'Shakedown Street.'

The FPG is getting all hacked off at me because her character hasn't played a prominent enough part in recent adventure stories. I'll tell you how she would get some MAJOR air time on the 'wagon: she could race! She's got the lungs and the legs, good god she can blance on her forearms with her feet pointed somewhere in the direction of Indiana by way of Peru (that's a yoga thing, not a dirty thing, and inasmuch as it is a dirty thing, it's MY dirty thing, so don't go punching the clown thinking about MY FPG) and can rip off a pretty nasty 5k or 10k run. "Gee," you're probably thinking "get that lady a bike!" I HAVE! She's got the nasty dirty Cannondale, all shined up and ready to rip. Hell, she's even going to have some shiny team kit in a few short weeks (I signed us up for the family membership this year - big spender, that Chuck). She doesn't even have the excuse that she doesn't have the skeelz or whatever because she rips me a new one when we go mountain biking. What could POSSIBLY be holding this would be Jeannie Longo back? You'll have to ask her!

So in the spirit of Kyle but without his technical acumen to create a poll, I will just ask that people sign the petition by way of leaving a comment for the lovely Mrs. Wagon that she should finally get off her butt and go to a freaking race already.

WHAT KIND OF A FREAKING DOUCHE BAG CALLS OUT HIS WIFE ON HIS BLOG??? While others call out everyone else in the peloton for slights real and imagined, this guy goes straight to his own corner of marital bliss.

I might never get to have sex again.


GamJams said...

Dear FPG,

Never mind his argument that you'd be good at racing. You may find that the cyclical kinetic force in bike racing improves your yoga practice. You'll be balancing polarities on a macro scale. Sukha sthira spinning. Even more so if you race time trials.


Drew said...

Not only would this let Dave come out and play all the time, it would make things, let me say it--ICY HOT.

Rollllll already.

Kyle Jones said...

I think it is nice that you want to spend time with your wife in the spirit of cycling. It is a great way to spend some time together. Pack a picnic and spend the day watching each other race. I say get out there. If your wife can beat you riding that is a pretty good sign somebody will do in the womens races in the area.

I think the fields are generally smaller and probably safer in womens races anyway. She could be 1 of 6 women at tysons. I like those odds. With her winnings you could finance your racing.


Jim said...

I like riding with my wife once in a while, but you know, training together... that could get uncomfortably close. Probably for her too. If she ever saw me yakking after a hard interval, or the snot flying out of every hole in my head during a hill ride... man, that stuff grosses *me* out, can't imagine what it would do to her. I don't think things would ever be the same. Some things in a marriage, you just shouldn't share.

Plus I really don't want to have to fight her over the Powertap and the trainer on winter nights.