Friday, 1 February 2008

Rain Day

Rainy Fridays should suck, but not when your plaza deck isn't poured. We had some early morning shenanigans, then two coordination meetings (putting in elevators is pretty exacting but rote at this point, commercial kitchens are a bewildering array of crap I really can't yet bring all together, encompassing pretty much every single trade), then some work on plaza level grades, a haircut, another errand to run and home by 1. Mint. It's pretty much the last rain day I'll have until this project finishes in about a year.

Mid day sleeping is definitely a strength of mine. They should include that in all stage races. I'd put time into all a y'all on that stage. After all, even Jim's fancy new clock says that Jens would, indeed, nap in the middle of the day.

Now I get to lift and do more low rpm high torque crap. Super.

Yesterday I was actually nervous when I got on the trainer, hoping that I wouldn't suck like I did on Tuesday. Wednesday was fine but not great. Last night went well. An hour and change of some high rpm and one legged stuff, then 20 minutes at threshold. My RPE and HR were wicked low when I was at threshold, even though most of the time I was 8 or 10 clicks over threshold. Who knows, maybe I'm just cooking myself when I cheat over threshold like that. We'll see in a couple of hours when I do another 5 minute "hammer." If my legs loosen up nicely like they did last night, there's no reason not to peg it. Tomorrow is a couple of hours mellow cruising with some teammates, then the club ride on Sunday. I think next week is a crusher. We start doing those Tradezone races soon, right?

I hope as the season approaches that I am a little bit more reliable, and that I don't just randomly pull up dead like I did on Tuesday. That would suck. Also, it would be nice to be able to race well even when I'm not at top form. To upgrade, you have to pick up points pretty consistently, which means racing well most of the time.

Registration for Jeff Cup stayed open way longer than I thought it would. We have 12 guys in the 4 race. It's a bit ridiculous. 10% of a full field. I'll say it now as an obvious truth and not at all as a boats - if we don't put up a good result in that race, it's a really bad sign. We could send two guys up the road on every lap and still have tons of guys who've sat in the entire race.


Kyle Jones said...

12 guys. You guys are a big team. I hope you guys do send up a couple guys up the road. You should because races suck when every one else just sits in till the end and what is the fun in that.

Just let me know which group has a chance of making a break happen.

Chuck Wagon said...

my group