Saturday, 23 February 2008

Flamenco Painwagon

WU:35minutes fast warm-up with Cadence in 90-95 range, MS:do (10) 1 minute on, 1minute off High pedaling cadence efforts. Cadence over 105 for ON, 85 for off. Don’t worry about watts or HR's, just Cadence. Then 5minutes easy, and then do (2) 5 minute efforts trying to get watts 275 and hold there. Keep cadence at 100rpm. Don’t worry about speed. This is about improving your cadence at LT, not about going the fastest... Build it up, so you don’t blow. Rest for 3minutes between each . Finish with 6 more one minute on and off cadence drills- 105 and 85. AND, then (1) 5 minute blast taking watts to 275 Then 5 minutes easy, then do (2) 12minute efforts with watts from 275-295, Cadence from 87-93. rest for 10 minutes between each. Then do (1) 18 minute effort with watts 270-275 with Cadence at 87-93… THEN 10 minutes easy and finish with (3) hard sprints for 30seconds from 22mph. 53:16,15,14… Wind each gear out. CD: 15 minutes.

2:45 on the trainer on a Friday evening. My tested threshold right now is just shy of 300 watts. That came when I was well rested and all that jazz. By the second hour of this thing I was not easily able to produce 270 watts. It's not that my heart rate was so high or the pain in my legs was too much (although there was definitely some pain there), it was the damn concentration it took to keep the watts high. When I got done with this one, the only parts of my ass that I could feel were in morbid pain. I was angry, confused, disillusioned, sad, tired, hungry, sore and jumpy. I wanted to lie down in a cool dark quiet place. The veins on my legs looked like caterpillars. This was a rugged end to a hard week. Also, in the continuing vein of wonderfully edited and proof-read workouts, this was advertised on the time sheet as 1:30, and on the workout description as 2 hours. You get the feeling he sometimes just pulls this stuff out of his ass.

Expect me to try a bunch of different stuff at Tradezone on Sunday, just don't expect much to come from it.

We're going to the Georgetown game at noon. Hopefully they will find a way not to suck and lose to a vastly inferior team today.

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