Friday, 15 February 2008

The Build Period

Strangely coincidental, the way the building is ending its base period at the same time that I am. We're putting the third of four pours in on the plaza (ground level) slab on Monday. There's still a bit of work to be done tomorrow, since the rebar supplier screwed up a couple of details and needs to resupply some steel. The concrete foreman and his rod foreman did a good job to hit the "hey, that doesn't look right" button. Boots on the ground and eyes on the road works.

Rush Limbaugh is a fat idiot drug addict hypocrite asshat loser. There, I said it. Not that I'm really so hot for John McCain (except that I do think he has a degree of personal integrity that's been sorely lacking in our political leadership for a long time), but this is the latest in a long string of idiocy coming out of the self proclaimed "El Rushbo." When I think "true conservative" I think about policies that preserve American rights, freedoms, resources and economic autonomy. Not those who cram their beliefs down everyone else's throat, shouting down any dissent with nonsense and ad hominem attacks. Teddy Roosevelt - true conservative. GWB, not so much.

Okay enough political nonsense. Tradezone opens for bidniss this weekend. If it's nice, I may roll over there and work on some skeelz. I know that I have zero sprint, pop, hop, snap, whatever might be described as race winning moves at this point. The knife is big, but it ain't yet sharp. Mostly it's just fun to ride around with a bunch of other guys who would all ostensibly like to break the tape, or at least figure something out that's going to help them break the tape when it counts this summer. If it's not going to be "wow, what a nice day" weather, there's little chance I'll go.

All right then.

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