Monday, 28 January 2008

Nothing Is F****d Here, Dude

After Saturday's big ride, El Ocho and I once again straggled out for the Espresso Ride with precisely no one else from Saturday. In all truth, it's a lot of time to commit and stuff gets in the way. You're constantly making choices to not do other things so that you can ride. These pilgramages we make out to the boonies only to come home and be absolutely enthralling company ("I'm sorry, dear, was I drooling on my mashed potatoes again?") might be awesome for riding, but take a toll.

Anyway, once the violins stopped playing, we were screwing around with the idea of joining some elite guys out to Sugarloaf. Although once side of me was sorely tempted, the other side was thinking no way. Too much time. I was a little surprised when Mr. 8 made a left onto the short cut route after all the chatter, but I got to spend some quality time with people with whom I don't often get to ride.

The best and worst part was climbing Great Falls. It was good because I put down a good hard effort and put a bunch of time into the group I went down with, but bad because I still want to cut a significant amount of time off of my PR for the climb. More power and less weight. There are some silly times I've heard for PR's up that sucker, and right now I'm not in that league. Being able to haul ridiculous ass up short climbs like this would create a lot of possibilities in races around here and in PA.

It's a long season. We were looking over the schedule today and there are months when you could race every weekend, twice on most of them. How much can I stand before becoming a basket case and causing bad things to happen in more important areas? On the other hand, you need to race to get strong, get smart and get upgraded.

Nothing is f***ed here.


Nick Mulder said...

yeah man, great falls intervals are the shit. last year i did a 3:12 by myself. it was standing the whole way...but fuck that, its only february.

Chuck Wagon said...

3:12?!?!? Something is definitely f****d here, dude.
Please go to Europe right now thank you.