Thursday, 10 January 2008

If A Body Catch A Body...

Phonies. They're all phonies. Tonight on the way home I was listening to campaign coverage. Barack Obama was speaking to a crowd in South Cackalackee, and boy was he laying on the grits and gravy accent. WTF? It's just so freaking obvious and pathetic.

The markets went up again today because, you guessed it, the underlying news was terrible. Bernanke is promising his underpants to the world, and retail numbers for December were bad enough to pretty well hit the guaranteed rate cut button.

My legs feel like absolute ass right now. I ran like 8 miles last night, then lifted. I have a pretty aggressive trainer workout on tap for the evening, and you know I really just plain don't so much want to do it. As soon as I get started it will all be wonderful. And painful. Super. Next week is a rest week. I can't wait.

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