Saturday, 12 January 2008

Always Look On The Bright Side

Ok, so I realize that my posts have been a bit misanthropic lately. Obviously I have some grave concerns about things that are going on in the world, and sometimes these concerns sit heavier. It is not all as bad as that, though.

Basically, the things that I can take care of, I'm taking care of. The site is progressing well. We are currently forming the first parts of the plaza decks. Once we get the whole plaza put in, many of the miscellaneous things that can bite us in the behind, be unknown, or generally get sideways are in the past. We are currently moving up from north to south, but will switch directions once we're above the plaza. Sequencing a job like this, especially with access to the site as tight as it is (the big yellow excavator in the photo sits at the only site entrance - quite a pain) takes some constant management. Jobs get more fun as you know more about them, and foundations aren't my strong suit. I've certainly come a long way with my fluency on this part of the project, but my wheelhouse opens up in about 6 weeks. Then we'll get to the part of the project where I don't need too much referencing or anything, I can work a lot more from my head. When we get to the interior finish, it gets really easy and really fun for me. I really enjoy interior fit outs, which makes me sort of unique. Most managers tend to like this part of the job the most.

Then there is my lovely bicycle. It is leaning against the plan table in my site office, so the two places where I spend most of my life are in this picture. In a few minutes I will go riding on the bike, and it's nice and sunny and pretty warm. Nice.

Last night I did another mega run, for like an hour and a quarter. Running gets me into good shape, it helps me manage weight (I'm at 172 right now, and will aim to be about 8 pounds lighter than that for the meat of the season) and it doesn't take all that long to do. An hour and a quarter run is like the equivalent of a ride maybe twice as long. It's a bit frustrating to run as slowly as I currently do (maybe 9:00 mile pace for a run like last night's as opposed to 7:00 mile pace when I've been focusing on running), but last night's plan was also not to blow myself up too hard. Base miles. I ran through Chevy Chase Section 3 (in addition to a bunch of other places), man that is some nice ass living in there. It gives you the money lust something fierce. Some of the places are actually nice little neighborhoods where real people live. It's cool how DC offers neighborhoods like that so close in, whereas in NY you'd have to go out to like Rye or Larchmont to get to neighborhoods like that.

All right then, time to change the workboots for the flashy Specialized shoes and get out on the road.

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