Thursday, 20 December 2007

When you die at Caesar's Palace...

“What do you do?”
“I’m a stand up philosopher.”
“So you’re a bullshit artist.”
“Did you bullshit last week?”
"Did you try to bullshit last week?”
“Of course.”

I’m a big Mel Brooks fan. Too bad about Madeline Kahn, she was funny as hell. Lilly von Shtup.

Today is kind of a wind down into the long weekend after a ridiculous day yesterday. The concrete plant had a breakdown in the part of the plant that makes the mix we poured yesterday, so they had to make it in a part of the plant that normally doesn’t make that mix. It took forever to get right, so even though it was a smaller pour, only about 400 yards, we were here until 7pm getting it all done. Pain in the ass, totally unnecessary and, as stated yesterday, 12 hour days blow.

Starting a 2.5 hour workout at 7:45 isn’t really the best thing in the world, especially when you’ve gotten 5 hours of sleep the night before (FPG’s office Christmas party, which was pretty fun anyway) and had a hectic as hell and long day on top of it. I couldn’t finish the stupid thing before my bedtime, and that just ain’t cool. Wednesdays and Fridays are crazy workouts, apparently even during “rest” weeks. You do three cardio things for 20 minutes each, pretty hard, and then lift for a long damn time, then crunches and stretches and all that shite. Despite all of my hard guy muscle head stuff the other day, I had to cut off one set of lifts or I was bound to fall asleep with a bar bell hanging over my head.

Did you ever see one of these EXTREME!!!!!!!! P90X infomercials? I don’t see how people do that stuff. It IS pretty extreme. I think I would puke extremely hard if I did that.

One really cool thing that happened yesterday is that I found out our project architect used to race a lot (he got to Cat 1) and even did some races for NCVC. Freaking sweet. The secret handshake has already hooked me up – I needed a detail busted out for a headroom clearance issue and it was on my desk in four hours. With many architects the building would have been constructed already with our best on site guess of how to do it by the time we got an official answer. It’s also really cool because aside from one guy, I haven’t really met anybody involved in construction who rides. So thanks, Matt.

Oh yeah, when you die at Caesar’s Palace – you REALLY die at Caesar’s Palace!

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