Tuesday, 6 November 2007

The Road To Wellville

Well, the time of “garbage in, garbage out” has ended. The concerted effort to eat what I should be eating is underway. To that end, I did my normal Monday stop at the Whole Foods yesterday to get yogurt (low fat plain, to which I add a bit of muesli) and lunch stuff for the week, then did the regular shopping at Harris Teeter. It was my first time going there, and I normally wouldn’t even go past it. The team car was such a mess on the outside, though that I needed to get it washed. Going to the gas station with a car wash meant taking 395 into the city from taking Duke Street and passing right by the H-T. The place freaking rules. The store was clean, the people working there looked like they might actually have a passing interest in working, all of their produce looked great, their deli counter was well run, they had everything I wanted, and the little member card saved me over 10% of the bill. Highly recommend. And way cheaper than Whole Foods.

While we're on the topic of "garbage out," if you’re ever on King Street near the Metro and need to use the john, may I recommend the Hilton? The heads on the lobby level across from the meeting rooms are way above and beyond the call of a quasi public bathroom. They are exceptional. The Whole Foods on Duke runs a somewhat distant second (reconfirmed yesterday), but the Hilton is just a shining light of how things should be.

Since it is team bro deal night at Spokes tonight, I am going to ride straight fro the site after work today, get in a couple of hours’ ride, then head to my appointment at like 7:30. I don’t know where to ride around here, but it shouldn’t be too hard. Probably I will just head down towards Mt. Vernon on that infernal bike path. This side of the river doesn’t seem to have the same access to areas equivalent to Macarthur and Falls and stuff, but that’s probably more a function of my not knowing the area. Anyhow, once at shop night, I will try to predict everything I will need for the coming year’s campaign and buy it all at steep discount. My Speedplay pedals are dying a slow death so I am getting a rebuild kit for them, as well as some cleat shims since my pedal stroke seems to indicate a need for them. I need a couple of bottle cages and a spare chain. There are a few other things I need but it’s pretty tough to foresee what all you are going to need through the year.

Today’s entry shares a title with a book by T.C. Boyle, who has written some pretty funny shite. Budding Prospects, Worlds End, Water Music and East Is East are all worthwhile. But the book that anyone who wants to laugh out loud should read is Money.

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