Friday, 16 November 2007

Chuck Schumer's A Putz

The title's really not relevant to anything, he was just on the homepage of NY Times when I opened up the browser to make this post. I really don't like him.

We are officially a construction site! The first concrete pour is underway, although we will still be have selective excavation operations going on for a couple of weeks. Our major issue with water in the stormwater pit is dealt with thanks to some good work by the dewatering contractor and some BIG pumps down in the wells. 1500 gallons are leaving the site every minute, and we are mostly dry. Dry enough to pour rough concrete in the mat bottom at least.
Mud Mat Pour 1 Underway

All right so Blogger is f'd up but a nice picture should be here
It Was A Nice Afternoon In Old Town

I spent a bit of time reading the plan that officially starts on the 26th. One more week of “prep” period and then my ass is owned for 12 weeks. There is a ton of weight lifting in this sucker. Like 6 hours a week. I knew I’d have to lift weights this winter and do a maintenance deal throughout the rest of the year, but this is a bit insane. So if you see a formerly skinny white dude rolling around looking like this, you’ll know I’ve followed the plan quite closely.

And a picture of The Hulk should be here

The FPG and I went to the Georgetown vs. Michigan basketball game last night at Verizon Center. We had season tickets last year, which was awesome, but her young alumni deal ran out so the tickets got highjack expensive and we didn’t re-up. We were regretting it a little bit last night when we were there. The team looks awesome. They were playing a whole bunch of different looks because they had less like a 20 point lead the whole time. Two freshman – Chris Wright and Austin Freeman – look like really good players. My Hoya pick for a standout year is DaJuan Summers. Last year I thought the same thing, but he was a freshman then and obviously got a little overshadowed by Big East Player of the Year Jeff Green. It’s a bit weird to be really into the team of a college I didn’t attend, but the FPG did go there, and Tufts isn’t exactly a powerhouse hoop program (although the sailing team is a bunch of asskickers – but not as good now as back in the day, i.e. back in MY day), so I roll with it. Also, the FPG wants to sleep with Jeremiah Rivers. But I want to sleep with Sienna Miller. Bad.

Now the concrete supplier is already screwing my concrete contractor, which is why I’m still here. Their third truck, which should have been here an hour and a half ago, just showed now. Hopefully we’ll be out by six. Definitely I’m ready for this week to end.

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Kyle Jones said...

I would drop the bike if you are doing 6 hours a week in weights ;). I would do that when I was not riding. I think that is why I have a hard time losing weight is because of the muscle I put on up top. I would do 3 at max. Read Friels blog because this is a topic he just recently discussed.