Friday, 9 November 2007

But Seriously, Folks

And now for something completely different... It actually looks like people are waking up and smelling the bacon here, and the bacon don't smell so good. I hadn't realized that the Dow got into positive territory today, but it didn't stay there for too long. As soon as the handed out the last points for the climbers jersey the road turned markedly downhill. I wonder if Paolo "Il Falco" Savoldelli would have made a killing at today's finish?

A little before and after of the model room. We are still making some modicum of progress both inside and out. Baby steps on making the model room look all right. The outside is going great guns, when I'm not getting my head kicked in by the guy who owns the building next door. We are so space limited on this site it just kills me. Getting deliveries or dealing with machine maintenance just sucks.

Long ride in the dark last night, then some leg lifting. They got this cool new leg extension/hamstring curl combo at the condo gym. I can finally do hamstring curls without killing myself with pain. My quads just get destroyed on the kind of machines that are attached to the end of a bench. This one is on a seat and it's very comfy. Maybe I won't have the biggest leg imbalance in history now that this thing's on the scene.

All right, it's Friday, time to make like a tree and leave.

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