Friday, 30 November 2007

Base Building

Talk about building a base. Today is the first real, honest to goodness, get me out of the ground pour. 350 yards of concrete, and several tons of rebar. The mat slab for this building (sub basement floor) is 42” thick, mostly designed to provide enough mass to counteract any hydrostatic pressure that would push the building up. Yes, you read that right. There is a LOT of water around here. The first picture was taken around 7 this morning, prior to the first load. The second picture is 5 hours and 26 concrete trucks later. Almost there.

On the other base building program, it’s going well. My program is still wicked light compared to all of the heroes who are putting in thousands of miles per week. So far this week I’ve got two days of weights plus cross training in at about 1.5 hours per session, plus two sessions on the trainer. Tonight is weights and cross training again, then two longer rides on the weekend. Tomorrow is a group ride with some team mates (and we’ve been pretty freaking well behaved on the ones we’ve done so far), then on Sunday I think I’m going mountain biking. I got my ride all sorted out a few weeks ago and I’m looking forward to getting out on it. It’s more enjoyable to do that when it’s butt ripping cold out than to go for a road ride. All told, at week’s end I’ll have like 12.5 hours of training in this week. As I write it, that sounds like a lot. The lifting has seemed like a lot, but the soreness has gone from the first couple of sessions. I was freaking dying earlier this week, with my shoulders and arms just in pain all day. Last night’s ride was a little dead too, although I was easily able to roll through my ten minutes at threshold part of the session.

All of the people who are trading up the market right now on the expectation of a rate cut are on crack. Similar to a couple of weeks ago, the release of fundamental bad news leads everyone to think a rate cut is around the corner. Rate cuts lift the present value of equities. The problem is that the underlying premises behind the stock are worsened by the bad news, and only made nominally better by rate cuts. Train wreck ahead. I don’t get it. The only domestic investments we have are in energy and utilities. The rest is in foreign markets.


Kyle Jones said...

That is cool with the building. How long does it take to have the concrete to set. I am sure a few days, especially with it being cold.

I personally think that if you can at least get 12 hours in a week, you will have a pretty solid season. The extra time is just dessert. As long as you train smart you will be golden.

As for your topic about rate cuts. I heard this the other day and was thinking how many times are they going to cut rates. They should keep it the way it is and let things correct themselves. I know it hurts people but let it screw some people and businesses. It is the nature of the beast or a form of capitalism. What if s--t really hits the fan and we need to cut rates but can no longer do that. We will really be in trouble. Or at least thats what I believe.

Chuck Wagon said...

"What if s--t really hits the fan and we need to cut rates but can no longer do that. We will really be in trouble. Or at least thats what I believe."

You sir, have hit the nail on the head. Trouble, indeed.

The concrete needs to come up to 75% of strength for us to do most of our stuff with it. This pour, and most of this job, is 5000 psi concrete. It will come up to 75% in a week. The temp needs to stay in the low 30's all day for us to cancel because of cold. We have 4 1.1 million BTU heaters (think F-16 engine) that heat the slabs during cure.