Saturday, 27 October 2007

Tapping Into It

This is a lady we saw in PA this summer, while we were doing the PA Dutch Stage Race. She was a real looker. I wish the picture was better but I took it with my cell phone. You get the idea. Big. Update - I found the better picture, so here she is in full glory.

All right, so while my Powertap hub goes off to summer camp I am using it in cyclocomputer mode so I can learn what I'm doing with it. The first thing you find out is that the Powertap instruction booklet, how do I put this nicely, blows. The method they give for putting it into non-hub mode doesn't work. Fortunately, there is a shortcut here in their FAQ section that works a treat. So after a few bumbles and bobbles I was off to do a leisurely Saturday ride with Nate H and El Ocho.

I've pretty much overdressed for every ride I've gone on in the past two weeks. Today was armwarmers, a vest, long finger gloves, ss jersey and bibs. Too much. Armwarmers were at my wrists 20 minutes in, vest was flapping soon after. On Macarthur, we catch a group from Squadra Coppi at a red light and latch on to them. Trying to be very courteous, we drop back whenever their lead peels off so they can stay all together. Nothing doing, they want the maximum leisure time in the back as well. Going up the Old Angler hill, El Ocho decides to be Reggie Jackson (Mr. October) and freaking motor up the hill with two of their guys and a girl from Kenda whose name I don't know but she's very fast. For a guy who's been the one man off season discipline patrol lately, it was very undisciplined. Shortly after, we catch up with Nate W, who's dropped his mom (who freaking does that? she's about to pay for your freaking college education and you drop her?), but claims that she was doing a different route anyway. Out River, it was the story of a hurricane - in our faces. Then we decided that we didn't have time to do the full Murad loop as we'd intended, so we did the 10am route in reverse. Good stuff on the way in as we had a cross/tailwind that mostly helped us out. Probably all told a little too hot of a pace for this time of year. I need me some mellow.

Today I also confirmed that I like dogs more than people, by and large. I freaking love dogs. When I say that I like dogs more than I like people, there's still room for me to be a great humanitarian - I just really, really dig dogs.

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