Sunday, 7 October 2007

Dos Huevos, Por Favor

Random things going on at the wagon. El Ocho and I decided that the Cat 4 team was lacking in a little direction, with so many of the really strong group that preceded us going up to 3s this year. We're off to a pretty good start. We got a bunch of people together to get half in the bag at the Dubliner, and managed to get guys to go for a group ride today. Of course El Ocho didn't actually makethe ride, as he was battling a fierce hangover, but the rest of us got out for about 50 miles. For the most part, people played by the rules and kept the intensity fairly low. It's hard to believe that it's October and still close to 90 out during the day. Last spring was butt cold until like May, when full blown summer happened. Weird.

Otherwise, I've been doing a lot of not riding. I'm trying to stay in good shape, but without spending a lot of time on the bike, as I don't want to get to the point in August next year where I'm just baked on riding. Most weekday workouts have been cross training, rowing or the "you can do eet!" elliptical thing. You can get an all right workout on that thing, but you have to put the level up really high to get there. The funniest part about all of this not riding is the people in the gym in our building. There are the weight heads, who must laugh their asses off at me when I do upper body lifts, but then I rack the leg press and leg extension machines so screw them. Then there are the people doing "cardio" workouts. People, not sweating is a good indication that you need to turn the dial up a bit, m'kay?

Work's going well. Everything is pretty much where it needs to be. The FPG came by the site on Saturday. It shocked her how big the joint is. As long as we keep getting rid of all the damn water and keep all of our internal stuff in the historic building on track, we'll be ready to pour concrete in a couple of weeks. That is a good period of time for me as I get to dive more into the plans that affect later work, and deal with contracts and stuff for the next round of work. The more knowledge you have in advance, the better off you are. Otherwise, if you are constantly being surprised by stuff or dealing with crap in real time, you never get a good night's sleep, you wind up working too much and things just don't go well.

Here's a sweet picture of a new boat that my friend Tim makes the sails for. According to Tim, the thing hauls ass. This pic was taken during the first week or so of sailing. And yeah, the sails cost bank. Everything on this boat costs bank.

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