Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Living The Dream

Ahh, the days of long hours and too much stuff to do. I have tried really hard to stand around and direct rather than my usual ‘show by doing’ approach. My back is definitely a friend of this new approach. It sucks getting into work at 6:30 and leaving at 5:00 or 5:30. A lot of people have to pull these kinds of hours, so it’s certainly not a “waah, waah, my life is hard” deal, but 60 or 65 hour weeks (I’m working people on Saturdays and thus there are 6 days a week) blow. If only I got to charge o/t. Oh well, this year’s bonus ought to be good.

It’s been easier than expected to get home, even after a long day, and work out. Some day soon I will write about the Baltimore job. When I got home every day (well, actually not every day because I used to sleep there a lot) from that job, I didn’t want to do anything but go to sleep. Those hours were nuts.

Last night I got a little karmic payback for yesterday’s post. I was bombing down into Great Falls Park in the gathering darkness when my right contact lens blew out of my eye and landed on the inside of my glasses lens. It’s a good thing I was wearing the clear lenses because otherwise I would have been half blind trying to get home in the dark. No bueno. Riding in the dark is mint. The two sets of Knog/Frog lights I have on now do pretty well, but for really dark riding I am going to have to bust out the NiteRider. The great thing about the Frog lights is you can leave them on the bike all the time, they take up little space and they weigh nothing.

Tomorrow is my 4th anniversary. As I only reached the podium once this year, the FPG has little to worry about from any future former podium girls. Anyhow, we are doing kind of a great celebration on Friday night. But here it is, documented, that I remembered it in advance.

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