Friday, 21 September 2007

Plastics, Son, Plastics

The repetition of the roads around here is getting to me. It’s bound to happen – I must have surpassed my lifetime mileage this year, and the year isn’t even over. So even though I’m not looking forward to leaving town yet again this weekend, I am looking forward to riding on some nice – strange - roads in CT over the weekend.

This is what it looks like under the asphalt on King Street in Old Town. Yeah, we’ve been laying some serious pipe the last couple of days. The streetcar tracks drive the utility marker guys nuts – they can’t find the underground utilities with these big honkers in the way.

One book that I’d recommend to anyone trying to learn about some of the economic challenges we will face in the next few years is “The Coming Economic Collapse” by Steven Leeb. A very sensationalistic title for an incredibly sound book. It does a very good job of tying the credit crisis and the oil crisis together, and gives some great advice about investments to make and ways to prepare for the road ahead. Want the real short and dirty version – buy energy services stocks (particularly oil services stocks - SLB is a good one, but any investor web site will have them broken out by sector), buy some hard assets (particularly precious metals – but be wary of things like copper whose demand is going to go in the can as the housing industry retracts) to hedge against dollar weakness and inflation, and buy some zero coupon bonds to hedge against deflation. The previously mentioned Thomas Friedman books are also really good, but holy cow are they ever long. If you have a chance to pick up “The Lexus and The Olive Tree” from your local library, pay attention to the chapters where he talks about “the golden straight jacket.” That will give you a pretty 20/20 insight into what happened to the dollar this week.

I signed up to coordinate registration at the Ed Sanders Cross Race on September 30th, and will be striving to have no one wait more than 3 minutes to register on site. Of course if you all know that and show up 20 minutes before your race in order to test me, you will ruin the system and miss your race. Here’s a big thing you can do to help – PREREGISTER!!! It closes at noon on the 28th. Also, buy some raffle tickets so you win a freaking sweet Cannondale Cross Bike. Details at BikeReg, you know the drill.

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