Sunday, 30 September 2007

Double Crossed

I thought that working at the Ed Sander race today would polarize me in terms of 'cross - either I would think it was completely not for me, or I'd be stopping by the shop on the way home. Didn't happen. The entirety of my movement all day consisted of walking 30 feet to the bathroom every 90 minutes or so. The registration tent was a hive of activity and I barely saw the race. The only impression that I have, yet again, is "damn, a lot of people drop some serious freaking coin on bikes."

We may have made a couple of people wait more than 3 minutes in the registration line, but it wasn't more than 4 or 5. Not counting the L'il Belgians Kids Race, there were 285 racers, about 50 of whom registered today. Maybe more. I had figured that people would be registering within about a 2 hour window prior to their race, and had set up everything to flow most smoothly in that paradigm. As it was, a HUGE number of people registered really early, which made us shift on the fly a bit but the line kept moving smoothly and very quickly. We had two number screwups which were somewhat easy to rectify. Considering that I've never run registration for a cycling event, nor ever seen a cross race, I'll say it went pretty smoothly. Of course most of the credit for this goes to others, so thanks to everyone who helped out.

The big thanks is to the racers for showing up. Many of you said "thanks" and most of you were really courteous. The only thing I was bitter about was that I really wanted to ride today and never had time, it was just too busy. You all owe me a pull at Poolesville next year and we'll call it even, all right? I guess the proof of how well it went will be to see how many whacks we take on the MABRA list serve over the next few days.

Finally, how the hell did you all get so muddy? It hasn't rained in a freaking month.

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Jim said...

Nice event. Thanks for working it.

Had fun, decent course for me, didn't do badly until An Unfortunate Incident occurred. Can't wait to do the same course again next year, knowing what to expect, I should be able to rail, it has potential to be A Big Man's Course. Might I suggest putting a gas grill and copious amounts of brats out on the back side with Joe Jefferson next year? The free beer was a start, toss out some red meat and you could turn that ravine into a *serious* throwdown if you wanted to.