Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The Congress of Vienna

You see, there were these really rich people named the Hapsburgs, and they decided they wanted a summer haus, so they built one.

Then they decided that their summer haus needed a green haus, so they built one of those, too.

While they were building this stuff they didn't want the city to look bad, so they made scaffolding screens to show the tourists what they would look like when they were done.

How did they build all of this stuff? With a tower crane, of course!

Then they took a visit to town hall.

And then went out to the woods (which are kind of like the area around Marshall, except for the Teutonic old school farmhauses with the St. Pauli Girls out front with huge steins of beer. I know this because I saw it. Honest.)

They were getting kind of bored so they went to the Pot Haus.

And then when it was all over, they met up at the cow for a beer.

I thought Vienna was about the coolest place ever. Beautiful city, tons of history. If the FPG had her way, this space would be called the VienI also learned that people who ply my trade over there are called Baumeisters, so I am having my business cards changed.

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