Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Bloodbaths, For All My Friends

First of all, congratulations Cadel Evans, winner of the 2007 Tour de France. Contador has a press conference Friday. Either he has a serious disease, or he will admit to past doping but deny current use, or he will say "I was doped during the tour." If it is not one of those three options, well then I will have been wrong.

Back to the topic of bloodbaths, I forgot to shout out an RIP to the squirrel I met last Thursday. Front wheel 1, Squirrel 0. It's not an experience I recommend.

More bloodbaths. Housing markets, credit markets, oil as a global resource... I would encourage anyone to become aware of Hubbert's Peak. If you think the blossoming credit crisis is scary, take a minute to consider that over half of the world's oil is gone, and it took us less than 100 years to get there. With a few ultra brief timeouts, we, the members of the world, have dramatically increased our usage of oil every year since we started using it. Depending on whose math you believe, we have as many as 20 years left with the stuff.

And the greatest bloodbath of all may be this weekend's race. Either for me or for the people I'm racing against. I'll tell you on Monday.

ps - You are hearing a lot about the word "tranquillo" these days. Well which Chuckwagon already did an in depth investigation of the link between tranquility and guilt on June 29? That's right - this one. About that fact I am very tranquillo.

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