Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Dirty, Dirty, Dirty

Well the Tour is over and it seems that everyone’s dirty, just like Baby Finster.

In a squeaker, this week’s Donkey of the Week goes to the UCI’s Pat McQuaid for the following gem: "I don't think the Tour de France belongs to the ASO, I think the Tour de France belongs to the cycling family and I am president of the cycling family. I think in that context they should accept that and we should be sitting down together to work out plans for the future.” Because, you know, if I was the ASO, that would reassure me that the UCI weren’t trying to screw me out of what’s mine.

My own Tour, the upcoming Tour of Christiania, is a mere two weeks away. As long as I keep things on track for training, I should be able to do a fine ride there. The monster under the bed, as always, is work. Last week was a series of 11 hour days, which weren’t very physically taxing (at least relative to the time before Giro di Coppi, which was murder), but it is tiring to work that long and then get some training in after. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to Christiania.

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