Friday, 6 July 2007

Buggy Up!

Today we are off to the Pennsylvania Dutch Stage Race. This is a new Cat 4 and 5 event consisting of a 45 mile road race on Saturday followed by a 7.5 mile TT and 20 mile or so crit on Sunday. It will be strange to be in the "heavy hitter" category instead of hearing the announcer say things like "well now these guys in this race probably ride faster than your neighbors 4 year old does on his big wheel, but not by much! Be surprised if half of them don't fall over before they get to the first turn."

El Ocho and I started going to these Red Rose/Major League Events races earlier this year. I guess this will be our third - Mount Joy, Union Grove and now this one. One of the funniest things about their races is that they are run in areas with heavily Mennonite populations, so instead of yelling "car up" when a vehicle is approaching the group in the oncoming lane, you are far more likely to say "buggy up" as a horse and buggy go by. Most of the area also offfers a fragrant whiff of nature's tailpipe. When I was growing up, there was a farm on the loop I used to run, so I actually enjoy the smell of cow pies when I'm breathing hard. But I'm weird like that in other ways too.

Well this week was about the least I've ridden in a year. I am well rested and ready to go after my patented night before a race prep ride. Time to go load up the car and get ready to rumble.

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