Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Here is a photo of the Reston 4 race showing me in one of my most usual positions - hanging on to Win Elliot's wheel for all I am worth. This corner was a particular bruiser. You are coming up a false flat at high effort, usually in a big crowd, and you turn straight into the teeth of a "bastardo" sneaky headwind that really sapped the juice from your legs. Photo credit to Riskus - really cool Reston shots here:

Dontcha love it when all of these Euro donkeys get quoted saying "I am calm" before major races, doping scandals, divorces, victories and multi year suspensions? Well now it is my turn to be tranquillo. Not that I have any scandals or divorces (I hope) in my future, but on the same day that many of the aforementioned Euro donkeys are clicking in for a brief spin around London on their way to France, El Ocho and I will be embarking on our biggest race thus far - the Pennsylvania Dutch Stage Race.

Believe me when I say that we will be doing this race in HIGH style, beginning with securing the services of a former podium girl (again, assuming my tranquility does not forebode imminent divorce) to play soigneur, drive the team car and scream "BENGA, BANGA" in our faces over and over again.

Our strategy for the race is reminiscent of La Vie Claire circa 1986, with yours truly playing the part of the Badger - older, wilier, definitely more debonair.

As the Euro donkeys would say, my lead up to this race has been ideal. The parcours also suits me down to the ground. I have successfully laid off the strudel this spring and am in good form. No injuries or crashes to speak of so far. Despite the lackluster outcome, my day in Reston was a good mental boost - absolutely crap warmup and start, yet I managed to drill it hard enough to get into the game and be in with a shout on the bell lap. The remainder of this week will be spent killing myself with huge intensity and thin mileage. Next week will be even less mileage, tons of rest and staying tranquillo.

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