Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Learning To TT

Tonight was the first round of TT practice. 3 10 minute efforts with 10 minutes between them. I seem to have the ability to go fairly fast. The thing that I have always wondered about is my heart rate. Perhaps I am just the world's biggest wuss and I should really be raging around all over the place, faster than hell. The simple fact is that my HR seems to be ridiculously low. Like when I TT, 165 is a pretty high HR. A lot of people tell me that they'll do 175 or 180, and the pros certainly do a lot higher than that. My resting heart rate is really low. Maybe I just have a low max HR, maybe an odd profile or curve, maybe I am just a huge wimp. I kind of hope it is a case of me being a wimp, because then when I learn not to be a wimp, I will kill everryone!

Bad news from the Giro today. Three positive tests - Mayo, Petachi and some other Saunier Duval guy. Supposedly all three have therapeutic use exemptions or records on file. Whatever. It's freaking ridiculous, and in particular if Petachi is doping (and if he's failing a wiz quiz, he's freaking doping), I'm pissed. I was so happy that he got back on top.

In other news, I now have my own secret recipe - totally legal, promoted in bike and other endurance sports media. I found out that a supplement (I don't take the high dollar sport-specific kind, I take the cheap one that Whole Foods sells as house brand - which seems to be exactly the same) I have been taking, if taken a little differently timewise relative to exercise, is advertised to have a strong quelling effect on leg burn pain. This pain is what prevented me from doing as well as I thought I could in Laser sailing. I have always been REALLY susceptible to it. Maybe I've found an answer?

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